Humans attack?

We are living in times of prosperity: our lives are getting better, the economy is growing, and unemployment is shrinking.

Despite the everyday problems, life is better than ever before.

For some time now, there has been a growing discussion on human impact on climate change.

At Kantar, we help to make good decisions, which is why we decided to take a closer look at the issue, without being specifically asked to do so.

We do not take a stand, we just provide a detailed photo of reality.

The results of our study make us think hard about planning the future, whether in the context of business and political strategies or individual life choices.

It's happening now!

  • 100%

    We have checked it.
    Scientists and climate experts agree: we are on the verge of a climate crisis. Scenarios for the future (the one we could experience ourselves) are either sad, bad, or very bad, and depend on how people will behave.

  • 72%

    Nearly three quarters of over 4,000 Poles surveyed believe that the Earth is in serious condition, calling for immediate action. Only 8% of the respondents do not see the problem.

  • 5 segments

    People vary, and they have differing perspectives on the situation. We have identified five segments with different levels of knowledge and expectations of politicians and businesses, and varying levels of readiness to change.

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Who is the report for?

The research results are clear: people see a growing problem, but expect the leaders to solve it. The “Humans Attack!” report is a tool for all leaders. Business leaders and decision makers who create offers for consumers. Political leaders who make laws. Spiritual leaders who have the power to inspire reflection and change behaviours. NGO leaders who can offer knowledge and guidance on how to live.

The largest marketing research and advisory institute in Poland. We help to create strategies and brands for most of the largest companies and institutions in Poland. Globally, Kantar operates on 45 markets worldwide, working with more than a half of the Fortune 500 companies. The “Humans Attack!” project is based on interviews with leading climate experts, Internet monitoring, a quantitative survey and an experiment on a sample of 4,004 respondents from the Kantar Club panel. We also cooperated with IMM (the Media Monitoring Institute).

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